Having a massage when you go to a hot springs spa is also a part of Japanese culture.

There is a culture in Japan to request a massage when you go to a hot spring inn. I, a professional seitai (manipulative therapy) master, will go to your inn and give you a massage in your room to heal the tiredness of your trip.

Not one of my customers is alike – their gender, age, body shape, condition on that day and more are all different. I provide a different kind of massage to suit the situation on the occasion. I have treated various customers over approximately ten years as a seitai master.
I chose this hot spring area because giving a massage when your body is warm creates the best relaxation effect. I will loosen your body when you are at your most relaxed after healing the tiredness of your trip in a hot spring at your own pace.
I give massages when you wish to experience the sensation of your whole body being put at ease while you have a relaxing time. I provide heartfelt hospitality and a moment of healing so that you can enjoy your time in Japan even more fully.

◆ From Tokyo
Non-car: Get off at JR Matsumoto Station. Transfer at Hirayu by a bus heading for Takayama.Take a busheading for Shinhotaka.

Car: Take the Nagano Expressway. Exit at Matsumoto IC. Pass through Abo Tunnel and head toward Takayama on R158. After that, head toward

◆ From Osaka
Non-car: Get off at Takayama Station on the JR Takayama Main Line. Take a bus heading for Shinhotaka.

Car: Take the Meishin Expressway. Take the Chubu-Jukan Expressway via the Tokai Hokuriku Expressway from Ichinomiya JCT. Exit at Takayama IC. Take R158 via Takayama.